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    As our team, 2495, I am seeing a big improvement in our organization skills for getting ready for this year's competition season. Since this is my first year fully committed to the team, I am ready to offer the team the skills I learned last year. I will expand my work with new team members as head of strategy to strive for success in the coming season. 

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    When people can't make it or stay long after school for anything it can be frustrating. Since we have computers and the internet we should try video calling on Skype or Zoom. When the mentors are here and when someone is needed for something we can be able to video call and they would be able to screen share what's on their computer. And when someone needs a photo or file you can send it through one of these programs. Being able to talk to others and send files over the internet would certainly be something we should look at. Less people are behind and we can get information to the people that couldn't attend.

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    My plan for the team's safety is being built from the ground up. Our team safety team wise hasn't had much luck. It would always seem as if there was some sort of bad luck on our side, but this year I am hoping to change that. I plan to make sure that everyone on the team is contributing to some part of the safety of their team, whether it's from watching others and keeping them safe or being part of the safety team. I'll make sure everyone has done the right steps in order to keep the team as safe as it can possibly be.  More to follow on my next post.  


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    "Steal from the best and invent the rest"- Mathew Palmere Competition for the sake not of destroying one another, but for the sake of bettering and improving both competitors as a result of the competition- Woodie Flowers  There are an endless number of things to discover about robotics. A lot of it is just too fantastic for people to believe-Daniel H Wilson 

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    NEWS FLASH!!!!   October 24, 5:30 pm   At today's meeting we received our credentials for our new website and youzign, so that students are able to post blogs and edit content of the site.   Students are very excited for this new ability and welcomed the ease of producing high quality content that includes, creating both text and graphic art.   Please visit the website and look for new news and interesting blogs  being added to the website. 

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      This is typing - put what your want  


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    Girls can do anything boys can do, sometimes better. By Doc Palmere, Founder Space Voyage, Quote originated in 2010

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    Sample Post with image uploaded

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    Welcome to Coach's Corner In this part of the Team Blog, Mr. Palmere can share his thoughts, and discuss The Hive 2495.   Be sure to check out the Flash News... on our index page (Click Here) Like in all other categories, you can set headings, inline text, line breaks, add photos and Graphics and edit then save as needed. Very easy to learn and master. The Team Blog uses a PHP micro-application script and a MySql database.  It's a real world tool and is state of the art in website development. Regards, Doc Palmere Project Voyager: WebMasters Program

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    HWR at Girl Power. This is an example of a post to share results about an event.  Posting results and photos is an excellent idea.  If you use a photo, you can use Youzign to resize it (aka scale to best size).  If you want you can optimize a photo using an online site -- Opimizilla located at Uploading the right scale of a pic and pre-optimizing it allows for pages to load fast, which is great  for people using a mobile device. If you are a member of the HWR team and need credentials to use Youzign, contact Mr. P. Note:  The images used as thumbnails for the blog are 275 px high, by 175 px wide. Regards, Doc Palmere, WebMasters Instructor