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    Greeting From the Desk of Doc Palmere     Founder of Space Voyager, Project Voyager - WebMasters Program   We're looking for existing HW Robotics students and new team members to help with the web site. JOBS 1 - Managing Editor for the Team Blog and Team vLog. Managing Editor can encourage and assist students creating posts, curate content, and monitor the site for isues and problems that arise. 2 - Artists to help create graphics using Youzign.  We need simple and complex graphics that can be used by individuals on the team to make creating posts easier. 3 - Quality Control. Students needed to monitor the site for bugs, errors, types and silly English.  We'll use simple contact forms that you can use to submit feedback.  One thing is for sure, when you make a web site, you revise and polish it to make it work for your organization. 4 - Content Editors to control content on the top sections of each committee page.  Each committee page has a "Simple CMS Section" that can be edited by one person on that committee. 5 - WebMasters - This is for students who are interested in learning how to be a world class WebMaster.  No previous knowledge needed, just be curious, and be willing ot learn from your mistakes. Web authoring tools will be provided by the program, or they will be free. 6 - Wordsmith - Are you a good writer?  A wordsmith likes writing like a a child likes cake.  We need a few wordsmiths (or as many as are interested) to help us polish our verbiage and prose.   If you are interested in any of these, let Mr. P know at an upcoming team meeting. Carpe Diem, Doc Palmere, Primary Instructor WebMasters Program

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    What do you remember most about the 2018 robotics season? Write a short or long blog entry sharing your memories. When I'm asked to do this I have a particular "work flow."  Work flow describes the steps to completion.  Below are mine, and you can use what works for you. Objective:  Write a reflection on the 2018 season. Work Flow:  1 - doodle and scribble down some ideas; brainstorm; 2 - combine ideas and identify the main ideas; 3 - Open MS Word and begin typing, no worries about spelling, word usage etc.; Copy and paste words into a 'text to speech' program -- I use READ PLEASE.  This allows me to catch errors from my congenital dyslexia; 4 - save major revisions of my word document so as not to corrupt my files; 5 - Edit and re-write. Save as Final. 6- Plan out blog post in terms of images, graphics and photos; 7 - Use Youzign to create needed graphics; 8 - Share my work with a good writer (wordsmith) and adjust. 9 - Log into Blog Admin, then cut and paste words from word document, upload and adjust images. 10 - Let my friends and Mr. P know I posted to the Team Blog. For me, it's quite important to create in some sort of document. I like MS word, and MS Publisher more, and save with R1,R2 revisions. Previous corrupted files have taught me to do this.  Should something go wrong and my work is lost on the web site, it's easy for me to re-create my post.   Your work flow will be different from mine and that's okay.  Just find something that works for you and use it with all your writing. Cheers, Doc Palmere, Ph.D. WebMasters Primary Instructor

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    In this part of the Team Blog we'll share interesting and "worth reading" links to other sites.  We'll create links so they open a new window so as not to leave the HWR site. Here are some links: Who won FRC in 2019? Source Team 1676  Youtube Video Link CLICK HERE (opens in a new window) 2019 Full Finals - triple overtime?  CLICK HERE Dr. Woodie Flowers Passes Away - Oct. 12, 2019. Article in ScienceTimes (CLICK HERE)           Dr. Flowers was the father of educational robotics, co-founder of FIRST. 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition - INFINITE RECHARGE Teaser         Youtube Video 1m 14s (CLICK HERE)