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       As a team we are continuing to prepare for the 2020 season that lies ahead of us. I am now a Junior, a returning third year member of team 2495. During my first year on the team my main focus was our business plan, which was a huge step up for our team because it had been years since our team last created a business plan to submit for awards at competitions. During my second year on the team my main focus was the strategy for our team to use at competitions. These plans that we came up with were the main plans we would try and use to succeed at the competitions. Coming into this school year I thought I would continue on the path of strategy this season and help out with the business plan again. During our meeting on Tuesday October 22nd, we discussed that new people where welcome to try driving the robot. Driving the robot was always on my list of things  I would wanna try but I didn't think that I would ever actually get to do that. I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and say that I would like to try and learn how to drive the robot. I figured that right now is the best time to learn. It is still the off season and I still have a chance to drive the robot at an off season competition before the 2020 season begins. That same day I went into the gym with our driver Audrey, and and our drive coach Steven, and they taught me the basics on driving the robot. After a little while of driving I realized I actually really liked it. Soon enough my skills where improving after only a little bit of practice. My coach noticed the skill I was gaining from practice and told me that if I was comfortable with it, that I could try and drive at our upcoming off season competition on November 9th. I am very enthusiastic about this opportunity and I can not wait to put my all on that field. November 9th is going to be an exciting day and hopefully the start of a new path on this team for me!