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1 Review: girlPOWER 2019

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September 28th was the day of the girlPower event. Hosted by Mount Saint Joseph Academy and was the first off-season competition for Hive Mind in 2019. The event lasted for over 9 hours, with the starting matches beginning from 8a.m. and the elimination rounds ending at around 6p.m. 15 teams in total attended this event, with the Firebirds, team 433 splitting up into 3 seperate teams for the competition. The pit and stand area was smaller than usual competitions - in comparison to the Duel on the Delaware area - but it was able to fit all team members and volunteers safely. In total, there were around 20 qualifying matches and 10 elimination rounds with some breaks and delays in between.

The stands were nearly as active as the pit below. Full cheers to our pit members for doing their best in each match! Even though the overall area of the competition was significantly smaller compared to Salem Community College, members from different teams would come together and dance to various songs played between the different rounds. It was like a wave of color in the crowd, from red to green to blue, and various teams had chants that were shouted out from time to time. One team from New Jersey had silver and blue pompoms and another from Pennsylvania had tutus and headbands corresponding to their team colors. Spirit wear is an essential factor to build team morale, and team morale builds positivity among teammates. Taking inspiration from this spirit wear leads to more interaction within the stands and more people being a part of the team.

My overall opinion of the girlPOWER competition was...great! It was the very first robotics competition I attended. Even though I wasn’t able to scout this event, I was still looking forward to each match our team participated in. Our team brought home the 2nd place trophy for this event finishing as Finalists which I am extremely proud of! Go Team!!