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1 New Falcon 500

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This is the new revolutionary Falcon 500. A new and improved motor that was created by VEX Robotics and Cross the Road Electronics. These are the same people that made the reliable Talon SRX and Victor SPX. This new motor that will change the way robots are designed for robotic competitions as we know it today. Its much lighter than a CIM motor weighing in at only 1.1 pounds. Being smaller yet producing more torque than any other FRC legal motor. They also included the motor controller and encoder into this motor so it should be easy to use. Here is a link to the video: 

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  • Doc Palmere

    11/13/2019 16:40

    Nice job Taras. The new ckEditor 4 does not allow you to embed video. How about going over to the Team vLog and putting the exact same video there, except you can embed the video right in the post. I will work on getting your same password from the team blog admin over to the Team Vlog.
    I watched that video yesterday. Is that a motor you'd use in this years competition build? $139 plus S&H.
    /s/ Doc, Admin