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Here are two mouse pad art ideas? They are "camera ready" which means fully prepared to be printed on sublimation paper and then heat pressed onto mouse pads.  Which do you like more?  Doc Palmere (aka Dr. Palmere) is the artist using Youzign.

Orange Design


Black Design

Mr. P owns the "clam shell heat press" needed to transfer images like these to a mouse pad using the sublimation process.  It's easy if you have a ink jet printer that prints sublimation ink on a special paper.  Space Voyage and the Project Voyager Webmaster program invested in sublimation printing, so we're good to go.  Dr. Palmere will prepare the pre-press sublimation paper with art and mail it you your team.  Then you can use you heat-press to make mouse pads at will.

But what about other cool things to print on mouse pads?   You create the art, get approval of The Hive Mind 2495 and Dr. Palmere will prepare the sublimation tansfers. You can transfer the art by working with Mr. P and using his heat press. How about a holiday theme?  A mouse pad to say thank you to your sponsors?  How about creating some really popular art and selling mouse pads at school, to other clubs and even sports teams? 

The art for the orange mouse pad was re-purposed to make a poster for Tech Night on Nov 21, 2019.  There is an instructional video showing how this was done using youzign.  Check it out.  Also see the other post sharing the Tiled-Poster of your team logo, 28 x 32 inches (3x4).


Dr. Palmere

Founder, WebMasters Program