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From the Desk of Dr. Palmere, Primary Instructor, PV WebMasters Program
I made some neat art for some mouse pads.  There is a separate post in the Team Blog showing you the mouse pads.
















    I used the mouse pad art and re-purposed the art to make a tiled-poster. Re-purposing means to use one thing to do another, or to use some existing art as the beginning of a new art project.
    Below is an image of the tiled poster.  I perfected creating "tiled-posters" several years ago. Simply, a tiled-poster is a picture printed out on 8.5 by 11 inch paper, then tiled together like a tiled floor. Figuring out how to make tiled-posters used what I call "Edisonian Empiricism."  Edison because it was inventive. Empiricism because empiracle means based in data. Edisonian Empiracism is iterative, meaning you think what might work, test it out, then with failure, you try again.  While recycling in your guesses and tests, you record the results, and jot down anything noteworthy. My work in tiled-posters took more than one-thousand retests.  Invention can be iterative, meaning many revisions; Innovation always takes many more revisions, making invention look like an easy path.
Why does it matter? Being able to make a poster of any image you create to any size you want is important when you're trying to create a learning environment. More so, the separate sheets of paper that are printed by your printer must fit together with 99.9% perfect registration.  Getting the margins of the paper to line up correctly and reliably was what took so many tries.
Tiled-Posters are innovative. I can print out several and mail them, and let you assemble them. Even better the cost of a tiled poster is much less than anything you could get at a Kinko's or FedX print shop.  Consider a 5 x 5 tiled-poster. Five pages wide and five pages tall. When assembled a 5x5 poster is 42.5" wide and 55" high.  The cost of printing it as a tiled-poster is the ink, plus the 25 sheets of photo paper (5x5 = 25). Photo paper costs about twenty-five cents per sheet, so twenty-five sheets costs five dollars.  A full size poster of that size would be $275.00 or more and the quality would not be photo printed.   
    Why am I sharing this?  I invite The Hive Mind to create some art to make tiled-posters. You can make the posters, or you can share the art through the web site and I will print off the poster pages and mail them to your coach.
    When I re-purposed the art, I made an instructional video at the same time. So you can watch the video and learn how to use Youzign, and learn about tiled posters.

    Below is a screen capture from Poster 8. If you look closely you can see the line-breaks that show the pages. This poster is a 4x4, and prints out 16 pages.  To use all the phot paper, there are smaller mini posters and book marks of the same art.  Look closely and you can see the main poster that is ~28" h by ~32" wide.  Mr. P knows how to assemble and tape the poster. he will teach you how.