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test of editor

Posted by: Dr. on 04/10/2019 01:46:06.

­ ­From The Desk of: Doc Palmere, Founder, Space Voyage - Project Voyager

Wanted: "Outrageous High School Kids" to work as a group to develop and build-out the web site. You'll be under the watchful eye of your Coach, Mr. P; and, you'll learn about building web sites and applications used on websites by Space Voyage, Project Voyager staff.

Interested? Get your team/group figured out and talk to Mr. P.  You should have at least three in the group, but you can have as many as you want.

When: The sooner the better! Now. Today. Immediately.

Who will teach us, and who will provide the tools? Some tools you can get for free by going online, others will be provided by Project Voyager; You can buy tools etc., but no need. Space Voyage will provide you tools as needed. Dr. Palmere will be your primary instructor and Mentor.

Who is behind this program?

The WebMasters program is one activity in the Space Voyage: Project Voyager program. Project Voyager is an internet or virtual program that serves as a co-curriculum (in school), or after school activity (club).

Space Voyage was started in 1987 by Dr. Mark "Doc" Palmere, Ph.D. as a program to inspire and motivate students by immersing them in space simulations. Space Voyage is a Stem program that celebrates "The Arts." It was a stem program before the term STEM was coined. Today, we'd say that Space Voyage is a STEAM program, since it has an Art component. Doc Palmere is one of Coach Matt's older brothers (4 yeas older).

What kind of support can you expect? We'll use podcasts and video to teach and review, and create written materials to explain; We'll do "over the shoulder, walk thru videos" to demo and evaluate site development. Your site has 2GB of diskspace and 2GB of bandwidth per month for starters.

You'll get to use real-world software and micro-applications (php based) to make your site work for your team. Promises to be a fun time for all

Talk with Mr. P for more information. Get involved and be a high performer.

Best Regards,


Dr. MArk "Doc"  Palmere, Ph.D.
Founder, SpaceVoyage


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test of editor
Posted on 04/10/2019 01:46:06 by Dr..

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