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    Check out this video by Mark H, main actor in Stars Wars A New Hope.  Watch the video and leave a comment. Enjoy.  

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    Here's an iconic video of Dr. Woody Flowers PhD on Gracious Professionalism.  Dr Flowers was a founder of FIRST Robotics and will be missed. He passed away on October 11, 2019. Dr. Flowers was a HERO in the FR world. Check out his bio on Wikipeda page for Dr Woodie Flowers PhD. Enjoy the movie below:

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    Sample Video - embedded from Youtube -

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    • by Dr. Palmere, Project Voyager
    • 10-06-2019
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    Here is a video I embedded from YouTube. You can upload team videos or your own HWR videos to youtube and embed them her in your vLog. You'll need to get the credentials to post and edit videos, from your coach. Here is that video. It's titled on YT as "Best Team Building motivational video" 2min 20sec To get funding, you can create videos that are inspirational or funny that go viral. Back in 2016, from March 10 thru May 10, I studied how to create viral videos.  My 49 videos  generated 1.2 million views and a total of 2.1 minutes of viewing. Two videos accounted for ~700,000 views.  Viral videos are 1-2 minutes long, can have an amateur feel, and are compelling to watch (either funny, gripping, or otherwise interesting.)  Your videos have to follow all school rules and Doc's Simple Rule of "Grandmother Wholesomeness."  (Your mom and grandmother would be approve, even be proud of you). 

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    Design like Dennis Miller communicates a rant. Here are some Dennis Miller quotes. Dennis Miller has a history of some of the best rants of all time. Doc got to be a guest (in the audience) of a Dennis Miller Show in Cali when Dennis Miller was on HBO.  Definition:  A rant is a short (2-3 minute) speech, that has emotion and passion, that is funny and has a message.  “I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman where the Self Help section was. She said if she told me it would defeat the purpose.” ― Dennis Miller   “Quote: You've got bad eating habits if you use a grocery cart in 7-Eleven okay?” ― Dennis Miller   “A developer is someone who wants to build a house in the woods. An environmentalist is someone who already has a house in the woods.” ― Dennis Miller