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  • 11-19-2019
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HWR WebMasters Goals for 2019-2020

For you at Hamilton West


0 - Provide feedback in the WebMasters program.


1 – Help teammates create content for committees.


2 – Create content for Webmasters section


3 – Master the CMS Section for several sections of site

       and be a peer-to-peer teacher of teammates

        adults teach kids – post figurative  pedagogy

        kids teach adults – pre figurative

       kids teach kids = co figurative    andragogy


4 – Master creating Blogs and vLogs (video based blogs) and

      Be a resource for your team.


5- Learn the basics of being a Webmaster

  Metaphor of Table four legs:

   Edit site:  1) write idea – get content/graphics 2) create site 3) clean/optimize

   4) upload file transfer protocol FTP filezilla


6 – Watch and provide feedback on instructional videos created for the

       Program by Dr. Palmere


7 – Participate in Project Voyager: WebMasters Program  PVW  competition that acts like a sport.

      (Complete L1+ L2, be in L3 and participate in first STEAMsport event.


Process skills: Learn about web tech, collaborate, be a team, have fun.