WebMasters Instructional Videos

  • 0 Clearing your cache (Chrome)

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    This short video shows you how to clear your Google cache in Google Chrome. 2min 28min. If your browser is set up to remember data from a web page you visited, then when you return it uses that information to help load pages more quickly.  When new informaiton is uploaded to the server, and you have data in your cache then pages will pull from the cache and page format will be in error.  To clear cache, cookies and more, watch the video below.

  • 0 Sound ON

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    Here is a 2 minute video tutorial on how to enable sound in Firefox.  If it was helpful let me know. Best, Doc Palmere, PVW

  • 0 Youzign Demo of Making Mousepad and Poster Art

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       Here is an "over the shoulder" video demonstrating how to use Youzign to make art for a mouse pad, then repurpose the art to be a "Hive Mind 2495" poster (32 x 28 inches.)    Dr. Palmere (Doc) shows some skills and a lot of useful information that you can use in creating your web site.  As you watch the video, jot down questions. If they are not covered by the end of the video, send in a question.    There's only one way to learn how to do all this... try and learn from your mistakes.  

  • 0 Motivational Music - Steve Jobs Style

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    Background music, said to be a favorite collection of Steve Jobs. From a youtube collection.

  • 0 How to Download Mobirise Site Builder v 4.9.7 Pc or Mac

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       This video shows you how to download and install Mobirise Site builder. It's an over-the-shoulder demo. Feel free to stop and watch again and again as needed.    WebMasters STEAM Club and WebMasters as a STEAM sport use Mobiise Site Builder version 4.9.7  The video explains why.  Questions?  Send them and we'll respond in the knowldege Base on the site.  

  • 0 How to make a Blog Post

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       This video is a demo of how to make a blog post on the HWR Team blog.  It used the Tiny MCE word processor editor.  The Team Blog has been upgraded to a better word processor (editor) so just explore and you'll catch on quickly.  If you move your mouse over any icon, it will share the name of that tool.      Note that you cannot embed video in the Team Blog.  Put you videos on the Team vLog (video blog).  If you still need to put a video link on the page, it will allow you to add a link.    Remember the Rules of the webmaster program: 1) Grandmother Wholesomeness - only do things that will make your grandmother proud. 2) Never share your login information. 3) Hurry but don't rush. (#3 means that you can hurry a bit on a project, but when you rush often times errors are made... some "rushing errors" taking longer than the entire project.)     If you have a question, send in a Ask a Question, ask a friend, ask a team webmaster, ask your coach, or ask Dr. Palmere at your next Zoom meetup (usually on Tuesdays from 3-4pm yourtime in the tech room with your team).