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   This video is a demo of how to make a blog post on the HWR Team blog.  It used the Tiny MCE word processor editor.  The Team Blog has been upgraded to a better word processor (editor) so just explore and you'll catch on quickly.  If you move your mouse over any icon, it will share the name of that tool. 

    Note that you cannot embed video in the Team Blog.  Put you videos on the Team vLog (video blog).  If you still need to put a video link on the page, it will allow you to add a link.

   Remember the Rules of the webmaster program: 1) Grandmother Wholesomeness - only do things that will make your grandmother proud. 2) Never share your login information. 3) Hurry but don't rush. (#3 means that you can hurry a bit on a project, but when you rush often times errors are made... some "rushing errors" taking longer than the entire project.)

    If you have a question, send in a Ask a Question, ask a friend, ask a team webmaster, ask your coach, or ask Dr. Palmere at your next Zoom meetup (usually on Tuesdays from 3-4pm yourtime in the tech room with your team).