Art Committee - List of Things To Do

Pit Designs: 


  • Pride Flag Designs
  • Star Wars Themed
  • Space Themed
  • Woodie Flowers Themed
  • Committee-specific buttons
  • Individual member buttons? (one per member)
  • Meme Buttons
  • JoJo Menacing Design
  • Sans Design
  • Cereal when no milk / CEREAL WHEN HAVES MILK
  • Vibe check
  • Cursed emojis
  • Cursed images
  • Reprint / Redesign:
    • I’m Normal I swear
    • Beehive
    • Team Logo
    • Reach for the Stars


Logo - For specific year

Star Wars Bee

Uniforms (polos + t-shirts)


Customized student names on right, Team Logo on Left

Team logo on back

Team Name/Number on Sleeves 


Custom name/Inside joke on back top

Big logo in the center

Sponsors on Back

Striped Orange/Black sleeves 


Deadline Print by Christmas

Team Logo by Dec 6th

Full T-Shirt Design Dec 13th 

Full Polo design by Dec 25th


Social Media:


Build Season Updates (Weekly)


Build Season Updates + Live Competition Info


Live Competition Info

Need Passwords

Media Page: 

  • Gallery

Media information from FIRST can go here. This block is "static" and can only be changed by the WebMasters.



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